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Body Painting Festival

Every year in Austria, midsummer madness puts on an extremely lively and colorful guise. The country then hosts the annual European Body Painting Festival. Around 40 participating nations, 250 models, 150 artisans and 15,000 strong visitors; this is an event bursting with talent and excitement as painters from all over the world congregate to celebrate and share their colorful art.

The venue is the Lake Millstätter in Seeboden. With Austria’s breathtaking scenery as the backdrop, painted bodies parade the stage.

At the Body Painting Festival, the interesting art of body painting, is showcased with abandon. Creativity reaches dazzling heights, as bodies adorned with masks and costumes flaunt themselves in the wake of special effects, to put on a brilliant show.

There is a dizzy competition in the air. Numerous awards are given in the five categories of artist, model, photographer, video-filmer and audio-visual:

  • Newcomer artist
  • Airbrush artist
  • Special effects artist
  • Brush/sponge artist
  • Fluoro effects artist
  • Photogenic model
  • Photo print photographer
  • Digital art photographer
  • Youth prize for photographers
  • Video award
  • Youth prize for video-filmer
  • Audio-visual award
  • Youth prize for audio-visual
  • 2 audience prizes

That is not all. There are also several adventure programs, sightseeing trips and tours, workshops, parties and concerts that are organized.

At the Body Painting Festival, work and pleasure go hand in hand. This fun-filled art event in Austria is a delight for artists, models, photographers, video-film makers and visitors, alike!

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