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Books On Painting

Art appeals to our aesthetic sense like nothing else, and Books on Painting helps us to explore that very aesthetics.

From One-stroke paintings to Tole paintings one can learn almost any art form through the numerous books on painting available in the market. One can also browse through glossy pages for the latest Decorative Painting designs and techniques. Be it Tiny tots or grown ups, there is something for everyone. After all its never too late to learn.

Listed below are few of the most famous Books on Painting:

Acrylic Painting:

  • Discover Acrylics with Frank Covino: An Academic Approach by Frank Covino
  • Painting on Rocks for Kids
    by Lin Wellford

    Figure Drawing :

    The human figure a fascinating thing to depict. It is always a very rewarding challenge to successfully depict human figures. These books will provide you not only help on the basics such as anatomy, proportion, and techniques, but also inspiration through the paintings and drawings reproduced in them.

  • The Big Book of Drawing and Painting the Figure.
  • Painting Figures a comprehensive study.
  • The Portrait Painter's Pocket Palette.

    Other books:

  • The Complete Guide to Altered Imagery: Mixed Media Techniques by Karen Michel
  • Paint Like Monet by James Heard
  • The Painter's Handbook by Mark Gottsegen, Revised Edition

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