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Broken Color

Introduction-'Broken Color' Painting is the art of applying one or more colors of paint on the walls in broken layers. Broken color painting adds versatility to the art of painting and is meant for someone who wants to impart an interesting look to the walls.

'Broken color' is a technique that was invented by the Impressionists which is still in vogue. The art of 'Broken Color painting' is supposed to create the actual sensation of light.

History of Broken Color Painting-

As noted earlier the technique of Broken Color painting was invented by the 'Impressionists' The Impressionists were the insurgents in the world of painting and their new mode of painting was rightly known as 'the new painting'. The insurgents were radicals who attacked the hierarchy of art world in Paris and loved to paint the real world around them. This urge to portray the actual world made them employ the blatant strokes of the brush. The 'new painting' dealt with the excitement and pleasure of visual sensation. The insurgents were opposed to the works of Ingres whose careful strenuous paintings were devoid of brush strokes.

Methods of Broken Color painting-

Some of the methods of 'Broken color' painting are as follows-

  • Sponging- Of all the Broken Color techniques(paintings technique). Sponging is by far the easiest. A variety of effects can be achieved through Sponging. Each effect gives a different finished look. Sponging with two colors works best with the lighter color on top as this imparts depth to the effect.
  • Rag- rolling- In rag rolling a crumpled cloth is used to produce spectacular effects like that of crushed velvet.

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