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For ages, Indian paintings have fascinated people all over world. The variety and splendor of Indian paintings have made them a much sought after collector's item, and a cherished possession of all art lovers. Be it an art gallery, private collection or a cozy living room - Indian paintings weave their magic everywhere. Previously, one had to travel all the way to India to experience and collect these artifacts. Moreover, there were spurious art dealers and counterfeit paintings. But the good news is that both these have been solved by web technology.

Now, art lovers can browse through the innumerable variety of enthralling Indian paintings, experience their sheer brilliance and add them to their personal collection - just at the click of a mouse. presents this exclusive online art gallery for all art lovers to experience, enjoy and cherish true Indian art. The paintings are collected directly from the artists nestled at the distant corners of the country, assuring authenticity and variety.

Keeping the following tips on mind will help you in selecting and buying just the right painting for you:

  • Measure the space in which you want to hang or place the art.

  • Take note of the surroundings - its colors, furnishing, furniture and feel. The painting must complement or add to the ambience, rather than being a stark and shocking contrast to the whole.

  • View the painting on the Internet in its largest possible size. Compare its size and look with your required measurement and ambience.

  • Determine whether you want to buy a painting by subject, School or color or simply be marveled at a particular piece.

  • View art on the Internet with the highest-resolution monitor you can.

  • Research the background information of the paintings. Along with the artwork, its history, heritage and technique might impress you. Moreover - it is always good to know the hands behind the brush.

  • Check into purchasing art either framed or unframed.

  • Find out how the art will be shipped and how long it will take to arrive.

  • Check the Web site's privacy policy.

So, explore the enchanting world of Indian paintings online and buy them at your wish!
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