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The word Cartoon comes from the Italian 'cartone', meaning "big paper". Cartoon refers to a full size sketch made on paper as a study for a future artwork. Cartoons were used in the production of frescos, to link the component parts of the composition.

Modern Print Media Cartoons-
The use of cartoons has come into the modern print media .Modern print media cartoons are usually a piece of art humorous in spirit. This usage came into being in 1843 when 'Punch magazine' used the term to sardonic sketches in its pages. The original name assigned to these drawings was Mr. Punch's pencillings and the new term Cartoon acted as a silent indicator to the boastful posing of Westminster politicians.

Modern gag cartoons which now regularly feature in magazines and newspapers generally are a single sketch accompanied by a caption or a speech balloon. Peter Arno is regarded by many as the father of modern gag cartoons.

Some of the other famous Gag Cartoonists are as follows-

  • Charles Addams
  • Gary Larson
  • Charles Barsotti

Editorial Cartoons-
Editorial Cartoons are a sort of Gag Cartoon which is exclusively meant for news publications. Although humorous in content these cartoons are often laced with serious overtones. This art serves as a visual metaphor to demonstrate a particular dominant social or political theme. Editorial cartoons are usually accompanied by speech balloons and occasionally multiple panels.

Some of the well-known Editorial Cartoonists are as follows-

  • Herblock
  • Mike Peters
  • David Low

Comic strips-
Comic strips are usually referred to as Strip Cartoons in the United Kingdom feature daily in newspapers globally. They are usually a short series of cartoon representations which follow a sequential order. The dominant theme in these cartoons is humor, although these cartoons are often laced with drama and adventure.

Some of the reputed comic strip cartoons are as follows-

  • Charles Schulz
  • Bill Watterson
  • Scott Adams

Animated cartoons-
There were huge stylistic similarities between Comic strips and early animated movies which is why they were often referred to as animation. It is in this sense that cartoon is most commonly used these days. They are usually projected in rapid succession on television and in movies are used to give the impression of movement.

Popular Cartoon characters name after famous people-
Some of the popular cartoon characters named after famous people are as follows-

  • Baby Crockett, from The Beezer comic named after Davy Crockett.

  • Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes named after John Calvin, 16th century theologian.

  • Dewey, one of "Huey, Dewey and Louie "named after Thomas Edmund Dewey, American politician.

Amazing Cartoon Facts! -
Any discussion on cartoons would be incomplete without sharing some of the amazing cartoon facts-

  • The most valuable cartoon movie poster was a poster for the Walt Disney short, Alice's Day at Sea which was sold in London at $36534.00 in 1994.

  • The longest running animated series is Simsons, which began in 1987.

Walt Disney- A name which is intrinsically linked with Cartoons is Walt Disney. Walt Disney is considered as a visionary cartoonist famous for the Mickey Mouse character created in 1928.

With the advent of Internet artists have more freedom of expression and can employ a great variety of techniques creating beautiful artistic creations. A great variety of educational cartoons have also come into being like 'How to Swim' a cartoon made by 'Walt Disney Company' in 1942. There are also several courses on offer which offers valuable guidance on how to become a good cartoonist.

Artists use cartoons to comment visually on the world around them and as a tool to promote ideas to foster social good.

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