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Clown Face Painting

Are you bored of having the same old stuff for breakfast? Do you doodle funny little Clown Faces in your notebook? Did you dye your dog's hair bright red just for some fun? Do you dream of joining a circus? If your answer to all the above question is yes then it’s time for Clown Face Painting.

Unleash the clown in you and bring smiles on every face you come across. So what are u waiting for get a face painting kit and become the center of attraction of all parties.

What are clowns?

You can spot a clown from miles away…he is the guy who wears oversized shoes, outlandish costumes (which are so oversized that they look like hand me downs of a giant) and of course the cherry nose. Even if you miss all this you will not miss the smile on his face.

How to be a clown?

Apart from generally fooling around the easiest way to be a clown is by getting your face painted. Clown face painting is the easiest thing to do in this world (apart from smiling of course). These few easy steps will transform you into a genuine Clown

  • The first step is to get your face painted white. Always be careful about the kind of paint you use. Be specific about anti allergic paints meant specially for body paintings.

  • Think of a clown and what do you think of first? A bright, prominent nose. But don’t limit yourself to red; using other colors for the nose will immediately make the faces you’ve painted different. You can also use detachable cherry noses which are easily available in the market.

  • What's the next thing you think of when you think of clown ? A huge, wide smile of course. Make it much larger than the actual mouth, going above and below the lips and out onto the cheeks.

  • The eyebrows and eyes should stand out too. Paint the eyebrows in a color that will stand out, exaggerating the size (length and width) a bit, to make them more prominent. And don’t limit yourself to following the natural curve of an eyebrow - make the angle sharper, or the two eyebrows different.

  • Now for the eyes. Color the area between the eyebrows you’ve painted and the eyes. For variation, paint down onto the cheek on the sides of the eyes.

  • Finally, you can add a little bit of color, such as a star or any other motifs on the cheek.

Voila you have a clown smiling at you.

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