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Denmark Oil Paintings

Denmark Oil Paintings are mostly inspired from the country's own thematic material. Most Famous Danish Oil Paintings belong to the Golden Age of Denmark Art. These Paintings are remarkable because of their “true to the times “ themes and meticulous execution.

Golden Age of Danish Painting

The Golden Age of Danish Painting is the term commonly used to describe the period of creative production between 1800 - 1850. It encompasses the work of Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersbergand his students including Wilhelm Bendz, Christen Kobke, Martinus Rorbye, Constantin Hansen Christen Kobke and Wilhelm Marstrand as well the sculpture of Bertel Thorvaldsen.

In the 1820s there was a great flurry of activity in the Denmark art scene. Painter slowly abandoned timeless, idealized art and turned their attention to their own times and the reality in which they lived. One of the first steps was taken by C.W. Eckersberg, who during visits to Rome began to paint on the basis of meticulous studies of nature.

It was a principle for Eckersberg and the entire generation he came to influence in his capacity of professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts that ” everything wanting in perfection should be left out of consideration ”. The aim was a character close to reality, but without the love of detail developing into realism.

Themes of Denmark Oil Paintings The choice of themes of Danish Oil Paintings were greatly motivated by the economic crisis that Denmark was undergoing at the time. The difficult and indeed in some ways reduced circumstances were reflected in the painters' preoccupation with the familiar and the known .The was also a need to be modest in dimensions. This did not, however, mean that Danish artists did not travel abroad. Many painters sought influence in the drama of Italy's topography and some traveled to Paris to capture the city's vibrancy and some chose to depict their homeland in all its quaint glory.

The Danish and German sympathizers in Schleswig and Holstein were in conflict with each other, and landscape painting in particular was introduced as an element in the national struggle. The artists emphasized the general and typical elements in the Danish landscape.

Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg Paintings Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg was a Danish Painter and is often refreed to as the Father of Danish Painting. His remarkable oil paintings was/is the pride of the nation. His early Portraits were much appreciated but he was better known for his marine paintings. His fondness for ships and sea was no great secret and he depicted both lovingly. At the age of 56 he decided that he would sail around the English Channel. The experience of sailing out on the open seas, gave new dimension to his marine paintings, that until that point tended to be calm depictions. Now there was more attention given to movement and to waves.

Denmark Oil Paintings are definitely the most glittering ornaments of its golden they have earned Denmark the respectability and credibilty that it deserves in the field of Art.

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