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Face Painting Books

Face Painting books are important sources of information about the techniques of Face Painting. Face Painting has been used for artistic expression since ancient times. The art of transforming ourselves with make-up and masks is a universal phenomenon. Before we sought to vent our artistic impulse on a cave wall, we painted on our faces and bodies. Indians of the Amazon have said that in this power to change ourselves we demonstrate our humanity and set ourselves apart from the world of the animals.

Face Painting Books helps us understand this colorful art form better. Not only do they give us requisite information about the techniques, they also provide us with interesting facts about the genealogy of this art form. One can also get valuable tips on face painting from these books.

Face Painting Books for Beginners- Want to know how to transform your face into that of a tiger, a clown, a princess, or a pirate? Buy these books

  • Face Painting- Editors of Klutz Press
  • Face Painting-Patricia Silver
  • The Body Crayon Book
  • The Usborne Book of Face Painting-Caro Childs
  • Face Painting-Sheryl Evans, Alistair Smiths

    Face Painting Books for Experienced Painters- are you bored with the same old Face Painting themes? These are the Books for youl

  • Decorate Yourself-Tom Andrich
  • Fun With Face Painting- Petra Boase
  • Paint Yourself Wild- Belinda Recio
  • The Usborne Book of Dressing Up- Cheryl Evans
  • Disney’s Face Painting and Costume Book- Douglas Love

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