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Face Painting Ideas

The idea of painting human faces with colors might have come to our ancestors a long time back. Along with painting the walls of the ancient caves or the floors of the humble huts, men might have come up with some bright face painting ideas. It is said that man's face is the canvas of his whole personality; on it is painted the person he is, his choices, his likes and his dislikes. Now, you might want to make this all the more prominent by painting your face with colors along with emotions. There still are such societies - rural and tribal - who use face painting as an ethnic or racial identity.

Modern urban people use various face painting ideas to highlight their passion, likes, dislikes, feelings, or to make a statement or simply to look fashionable and trendy. Face painting is an idea a bit different from the general execution of colors on canvas. This is painting on an animated base - a canvas that has a life of its own. Therefore - caution has to be taken in case of ideas and execution both. During festivals, celebrations, soccer, cricket, Halloweens, Christmas and other happy events - people tend to paint their faces in the colors pertaining to the event in concern.

If you come up with some outstanding face painting ideas, then you need to gather a few painting supplies to execute the painting on the face. You need water based face paints, clean paintbrushes or cotton swabs, a smock or an old shirt. Face painting can range from a simple design with only a few colours, sometimes only one or two face paints, up to incredibly detailed works of art with blended colours fading in and out to create a masterpiece on the face.

You can turn into a tiger, Spiderman or Superman, clown, Santa Claus, flag of your nation or favorite soccer team, or a witch on Halloween! You can also make temporary tattoos with these face painting techniques. It simply needs some brilliant face painting ideas and a little artistic touch to make a perfect face painting.

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