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Face Painting Kit

A face painting kit is quite simply a collection of all the tools required for the art of face painting. These would include brushes, sponges, colors, palettes, paints and patterns/designs. The kit could also contain face painting ideas, guide books and glitter gels.

A face painting kit is a compact and complete assortment of everything a face painting artist may require. Face painting kits are available in various combinations of tools and also for various themes. A face painting artist can choose from themes such as clowns , animals, Halloween, Christmas, sports and several others. Kits can also be more specific: black tooth, black lipstick, horror wounds, colored grease paint and others. As is apparent, the range is limitless!

Face painting kits are portable and do not occupy too much space. They are easy to use, and attractive in appearance. Face painting kits for children are also specially designed to ensure the safety of the child. In short, they are indispensable to anyone interested in the art of face painting.

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