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Famous Landscape Paintings

Landscape paintings have always has been the favorite subject among art lovers. Famous landscape painters loved to explore natures splendor for they believed "intimate acquaintance with the great book of nature will show you the wisdom, power and beneficence of the Creator; it will teach you lessons of humility, fervency, faith and charity, and fit you to play your part in the drama of human life, with honor to yourself, and with credit to the fraternity".

Famous Landscape Painting

Some of the famous American landscape paintings are as follow-

History of White Mountain paintings- It was early in the nineteenth century that landscapists like Winslow Homer first started their journey to the White Mountains of New Hampshire to paint and sketch. These early paintings depicted a dramatic landscape with a focus on nature and man's insignificance. Thomas Cole's painting A View of the Pass Called the Notch of the White Mountains is no less famous if not the finest White Mountain painting ever painted.

However, several factors like invention of the art of photography, discoveries of the West shifted the focus of the artists as the entire American art world underwent changes. All these factors led to the steady decline of the White Mountain landscape painting.Famous Chinese landscape paintings- Chinese paintings (link to Chinese oil Paintings article)- depict unrestrained portrayal of nature depicting mountains, rivers and sky. They include many subjective elements in painting. Some of the famous Chinese landscape paintings are as follows-

  • View of Lake and Mountains
  • Recluse Listening to the Spring
  • Mount Emei in Snow
  • Mountains with Heavy Snow
  • Beautiful River

Other famous landscape paintings-

  • The Garden of Earthly Delights, in the Museo del Prado, Madrid
  • The Cornfield
  • Forest, in the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
  • Evening Mood

Landscape paintings are an excellent portrayal of the world around us. The famous landscape paintings overwhelm us with a spiritual sense of bliss and continue to inspire awe for the artists who created them.

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