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Indian Face Painting

Indian face painting is one of the legends that are still living on and becoming famous. Face painting was a tradition among the native Indians. It is much more than just a beautifying practice. It's a social act of distinction and a cultural heritage. Face painting was done on special occasion to augment one's appearance and power. Each Indian tribe has its own and unique way of face painting. Face paintings can be the lightest streak of color on the face. It can also mean covering their faces completely.

For some face paintings they would cover their face and then plaster it down with mud leaving the holes for the eyes and mouth. Generally the warriors would paint their faces with colored clay. They would then do the design of their tribe. Each tribe has its own designs for war and ceremonies. After warriors came home from a hunt, they would have a big feast, cutting up the animal they hunted and killed. They would play a lot of games, containing parts of the animal they killed. The Indians would use every part of the animal they killed.

Then they would paint their faces and have dances. Roots, berries and tree barks are collected to make the paint to be used for painting face. They are ground and used in face painting. Colored clay is also used in Indian face painting. Firstly, paint is applied around the nose using index finger and middle finger. Then gradually, the forehead, chin and eye areas are carefully covered with paint. Then the rest of the face is applied with colors. Colors too had special significance. Red was the color of war. Black was the color of ‘living', worn on the face during war preparations. White was the color of peace. Green color worn under the eyes was believed to empower the wearer with a night vision. Yellow was the color of death, therefore, not worn much.

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