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Kishangarh Furniture Painting

Kishangarh is a small town in Rajasthan, which is famous for its hand painted furniture. The furniture is adorned with beautiful traditional motifs, which were originally used on silken draperies. The wood used is babool (acacia arabica), shisham (rosewood) or aam (mango)

Painting Furniture

The painting is naturally applied on a finished piece of furniture. Oil Paints are used to make the furniture water resistant. A varnished coat follows it to give a smooth finish to the product.

The main furniture items, which are produced, include detachable chairs, stools, chowki's, low tables, sofas, large tables, and a variety of small boxes and containers.

Kishangarh Miniature Paintings

Kishangarh Miniature paintings are renowned for their depictions of the Radha Krishna Raas Lila theme. The compositions rely on a rich blend of colors, while the human figures possess prominent features like elongated necks, fingers, and large almond-shaped eyes. Verdant greenery reflects the landscapes of the Kota-Bundi region of Rajasthan, India.

Themes of Kishangarh Furniture Paintings

TThere are a few patent themes, which are reworked and recycled by artists. The lack of originality is compensated by the intricate brushwork.

Hunting Expedition

Clad in the royal attire befitting only of Rajasthani royalty, the king embarks upon his hunting expedition, accompanied by the requisite entourage of attendants and animals. The scene is under the cloak of night, as the black background intensifies powerful hues.


The king rides astride his royal elephant, en route to an important festival. He is escorted by an entourage of his subjects, who create inspiring music with their luminous trumpets, while another attendant guides a camel, bearing gifts. The breathtaking scenery envelops the composition in eternal Indian appeal.

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