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Landscape Painting Gallery

Huge empty spaces, costly paintings, elitist atmosphere, killing silence in art galleries often intimidate visitors in an art gallery. But there is actually no need to feel estranged for art galleries are perfect places to get a visual treat for all art lovers across the world. It is a perfect place to soothe frayed nerves. People who love to decorate their homes with beautiful paintings can also shop from the gallery. When traveling abroad galleries are the best places to visit to get a feel about the cultures and traditions of the place of visit. Art galleries often become the lively meeting point of different cultures with concerts and poetry reading sessions. There are also many online art galleries which offer huge collection of landscape paintings for sale.

Famous painting galleries Some of the famous landscape painting galleries across the world are as follows-

  • National Gallery of Canada- The National Gallery of Canada is an international art museum that houses beautiful collections of art. The Gallery was established by the Museum's Act of 1990 for understanding and enjoyment of art.

    It has a wide range of activity from conducting exhibitions, programs relating to landscape painting to providing research fellowship programs.

  • National Gallery of Australia- The National Gallery of Australia has a huge collection of works of art in four main spheres- Australian art, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander art, Asian art and International art. The works in the gallery are exclusively a part of Australia's national treasure trove. It also conducts various exhibitions of the works of John Constable, the greatest British landscape painter.

  • French landscape painting gallery- It is an original cultural institution in the heart land of Paris which focuses on modern and contemporary art creations .The Center was established in 1977. It is one of the greatest attractions of France with the yearly footfall being 6 million. It has got a huge public library with reading, documentation facilities, a music research institute, restaurant and a café. Each year it holds a number of public exhibitions and other international events on landscape paintings in both France and abroad.

Landscape painting galleries are the best places to be in for art lovers for 'art can improve our lives by elevating our awareness about the most brilliant artists the world has ever known.

Landscape painting galleries have contributed enormously to the establishment of landscape art on the international platform. Networking among the different art galleries is also important as it contributes to the economic social and cultural development.

Art galleries are a favorite with art practitioners and lovers who see 'beautiful in the art and for whom art is beautiful'.

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