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Light Painting

Light Painting is very new concept and very different too. It’s not the painting which we generally know but it’s originally a photographic venture that uses the images that are blurred, unsharp and oddly exposed.

The digital camera has the knack to transform photography from a realistic medium into a thoroughly contemporary one which can explore many of the spatial realms, concepts and passions of modern and contemporary painting.


In this innovative technique of photography, the photographer uses basic camera controls rather than digital manipulation to create interesting images. This genre of photography captures the impression produced by the unusual movement of light. When a camera captures the image of a moving object, either the photo is so clear that it doesn’t seem moving or otherwise the image is blurred. Light painting banks upon latter aspect of photography. But here also art makes an entry as artist (here photographer) try to capture different images yet with different styles. He uses his creativity in bringing forth diversity in his art and masterful skill.

Rick Doble is a renowned name in this field. He has so far organized many exhibitions dedicated to genre of Light Painting. A passion for the motorcar is revealed in his themes more prominently –including ‘Cars’, ‘Driving’, Gocarts’and ‘Rain through the windshield’-but his subject range is fairly large.

One important aspect of this kind of photography is that there is no use of computer generated picturisaion.

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