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Oil Painting Artwork

Oil painting artwork is a form of painting which is made by using pigments, a kind of drying oil.


It is told that the art of oil painting first started in the West from ancient Roman times. But most Renaissance sources, in particular Vasari, claims that oil painting was started by the northern European painters of the 15th century.

Main ingredients used

The chief element for oil painting is linseed oil which comes from the flax seed. At present water-miscible oil paints are largely used for oil painting artwork.


The conventional canvas of the artist is usually made from linen. But cotton fabric is used mostly as it is less expensive.

Various techniques The conventional way of oil painting is often begun with the drawing on the canvas with charcoal or a thinned paint. Oil paint can be mixed with turpentine or artist grade mineral spirits or other solvents to create a thinner drying paint and then the artist starts to draw the figure in several layers. The basic principle of oil painting is ‘fat over lean’ which means that each additional layer of paint should be quite oilier than the previous one.

The fundamental elements for Oil Painting

The fundamental elements kept in mind for oil painting are

  • Composition
  • Color
  • Edges
  • Texture
  • Value

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