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Oil Painting Classes

Oil paint has been the primary choice of most of the artists for hundreds of years and it is easy to use after one has learnt the basics. Oil painting classes is a through and comprehensive training session for the painters. The Oil Painting Classes may carry on to several months and it mainly focuses on how to select materials, lay in and work out color harmonies.

Chief ingredients

The chief element for oil painting is linseed oil. At present water-miscible oil paints are mostly used for oil painting artwork.

Various methods

The conventional way of oil painting is the drawing on the canvas with charcoal or a thinned paint. Oil paint can be mixed with turpentine or artist grade mineral spirits or other solvents to create a thinner drying paint and then the artist starts to draw the figure in several layers. The basic theory for oil painting is ‘fat over lean’ which means that each additional layer of paint should be slightly oilier than the previous one.

Simple techniques

Oil painting is uncomplicated and to create something memorable, the painter has to follow certain guidelines:

A.Invent what to achieve and accordingly plan an effective way to that objective B.Approach the process of painting in logical steps which include:

  • Drawings to explore compositional possibilities
  • Blocked-out charcoal/pencil/oil sketches to organize tonal values
  • Oil sketches to try out with different color schemes and harmonies
  • Making canvas and paint
  • Apply the paint to canvas
  • Polishing, framing and hanging the work

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