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Oil Painting Gallery

Painting museums are hallowed temples for art lovers. They are places where works of art are permanently or temporarily displayed. An Oil Painting Gallery is a gallery in a museum is where Oils (which is anyway the chosen medium of Art of most masters), are displayed. Ask any art lover what Louvre means to him/her and he or she will go into raptures about the oil masterpieces housed there. Ask any artistically inclined British Citizen about the National Museum and he or she will discuss at length, the interplay of lights in Turnerís landscapes, with you. Indeed Oil Painting Galleries are synonymous with the art treasures that they house.

One cannot discuss art Galleries without mentioning the famous Louvre in Paris. It was established in 1793, soon after the French Revolution when the royal treasures were declared for the people. It houses some of the worlds most famous paintings including Da Vinciís Mona Lisa.

Listed below are some of the most famous museums, which house an Oil Painting Gallery:


Centre Georges Pompidou Paris.
Musťe du Louvre Paris.


National Museum of Art Osaka.
National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto.
National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo.


Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg.
Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts Moscow


The National Gallery London.
Royal Academy of Arts London.


Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City.
National Gallery of Art Washington


Victoria and Albert Museum,Bombay
Jehangir Art Gallery, Bombay
National Museum, Calcutta
Bvictoria Memorial,Calcutta
CIMA Art Gallery, Calcutta
Salarjung Art Museum, Hyderabad
National Museum,New Delhi

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