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One Stroke Painting

One Stroke Painting is a revolutionary new art form, which has managed to create quite a buzz in the world of Decorative Painting . It's an easy, user-friendly art form which is steadily growing in popularity. It is quite similar to Tole Painting but is easier and is more cost effective. One Stroke painting is versatile enough to be used with almost any medium, from acrylic paint and lacquer to crackle paint and glaze One stroke Painting is such an elementary art form that even first timers can achieve wonderful results.

One Stroke Painting –The Creator

Donna Dewberry has distinction of creating this incredibly popular painting style. A native Floridian and mother of seven, Donna Dewberry has been involved with arts and crafts for more than 25 years. She began decorative painting, she says, because she wanted to, not necessarily because she had talent. She has taught millions of people to paint with her fast and easy method of One Stroke painting. Simple and stress-free, One Stroke painting is a decorative painting technique that concentrates on loading the brush instead of traditional theories of light and dark. As Donna Dewberry says, “One Stroke painting is a technique for the masses.”

One Stroke Painting- The Technique

One Stroke is basically a form of acrylic painting. It's unstructured and therefore easily lends itself to free hand painting. As such, it appeals to experienced painters who want faster results or freedom from pattern tracing.  It is equally usable on metal, plaster, glass, wood, fabric and ceramic surfaces

One-stroke paintings involve three very basic steps

  • Draw a patter on the surface
  • Double load the paint brush with two colors
  • Swipe the brush over the pattern

It is indeed exciting to discover that one can achieve so much in just one stroke. Imagine, blending, shading, and highlighting all in ONE Stroke!

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