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Painting Duck Decoys

Duck Decoys are painted for a specific purpose, which is to make them look as realistic as possible. Painting Duck decoy is an elaborate process, which involves waterproofing too.

Duck Decoys

Duck decoys are wood cravings, which are meticulously shaped so as to resemble real ducks as closely as possible. These decoys have to resemble real ducks because they were/are used for hunting purposes and were deployed to attract real birds in watering holes where traps were set up for them. These birds were mainly trapped for their flesh in earlier days, but in modern times they are trapped for ornithological studies.

Carefully hand painted and astonishingly life like, these instruments are more of an artwork than a hunting device.

Carving Duck Decoys

To carve out a duck decoy is not a very easy process. Firstly the right variety of wood has to be chosen. The wood chosen should have the right buoyancy to keep it afloat. Then the bird, which is to be represented, is chosen, a careful detailed study of the birds anatomy is done. Attention is paid to detailing and the shape and size of the bird is also kept in mind. Skillful artisan carve out remarkable decoys of those birds, the likeness achieved is striking.

Painting Duck Decoys

Once the carving bit is done it's the turn of the painters to take over. In this process too extensive homework is required. Painters study the colors of the birds and try and achieve the correct shading of the feathers. Even the subtlest of color difference is noticed and is attempted to achieve. Oil paints are obviously used for coloring and these carvings are primered to waterproof them. A complex mix of colors is used to achieve the delicate shadings. Small subtle brushstrokes are ideal to achieve the feather like veneer.

Carefully hand painted and astonishingly life like, these instruments are more of an artwork than a hunting device.

At one time the ponds of the English countryside used to be dotted with duck decoys , but nowadays with stringent Wildlife laws Duck Decoys are hardly ever used for hunting,but these articrafts have found many admirers in the art world and DuckDecoys are being preserved fot their artistic qualities.

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