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Painting Holidays

Painting Holidays is a wonderful concept indeed. The core motive behind such vacation is to facilitate ones artistic impulses. Such vacation comprises writing, comedy, and of course painting breaks with expert tuition from award winners and published authors, combined with inspirational settings and complemented by high quality, home-cooked food.

History of Painting Holidays

Though the idea taking painting vacations existed since times immemorial the credit of organizing a proper commercial tour on such lines goes to London-based artist, Bettina Schroeder. Bettina organized her first painting holiday in 1987. Such was its success that she has organized painting holidays every year since - and broadened the choice of location. Bettina’s paintings are regularly exhibited throughout Britain and Europe - most recently in London and Zurich.

Painting Holidays- Sights and Sounds

Painting holidays take you to some of the most beautiful sights in this world, which manages to saturate your aesthetic senses. The sights are indeed a delight for any painter: narrow streets, city walls, historic buildings, splendid countryside, magnificent coastline, and quaint villages. All provide plenty of inspiration for painting. The main aim of such tours is to give delightful places to paint and provide painters with the comforts of a home atmosphere. Experienced artists provide guidance for watercolor, oil, gauche painting many other painting styles.

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