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Painting Reproductions

Painting Reproductions are efforts to make works of art that have mesmerized us for ages, more approachable. Most of us can't possibly afford a Picasso original, but many of us admire his works and would obviously want to make them our own in some way or the other. However most original classics are so expensive that its way beyond the means of even the wealthiest of us all. Painters, unlike those in many other media, have the disadvantage of not being able to create a low-priced item that reflects the same high quality that most of them have striven to achieve in order to win favor with both the juries and the public. Moreover most original artworks are state owned, so they can't be individually owned. To own a copy or a reproduction of ones favorite painting is the next best thing for art connoisseurs who don't have the means to own the originals.

The purpose of Reproductions is also to educate the public, expose them to a diversity of quality artwork.

Talented painters meticulously recreate the magic of hallowed paintings. Indeed, some of the Reproductions are so good even the most discerning viewer will not be able to tell the difference from the original. Electronic media has ensured that there is the option of digital reproduction too, and these Painting reproductions are of such astoundingly high quality that you won't shy from proudly displaying it in your drawing room wall.

The art of Reproduction has a long and a chequered history. The shadow of forgery has always followed this art. Indeed forging famous art works was/is a lucrative albeit devious prospect. Andy any study of Painting Reproductions would be incomplete without the mention of the notorious brilliance of the man called Han van Meegeren.

Painting Reproduction of Vermeer by Han van Meegeren

A painter of Dutch origins Han van Meegeren , worked in the classic tradition. Disillusioned with the critics's reaction to his original works, he decided to paint a fake Vermeer, to prove that critics were wrong about his qualities as a painter. Astonished by his own dexterity in thios field, he forged more Vermeers and works of other painters, to make money. Art crics were fooled by Meegerens works, and noone believed that his works were actually fake. He was only taken seriously after demonstrating his skills in front of police witnesses. His aptitude at forgery shocked the art world and hence made it even more difficult to assess the authenticity of works attributed to Vermeer.

However the art world is weary of forgeries nowadays and intricate scientific methods are used to detect the authenticity of most artworks.

Some easily available Painting Reproductions are:

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