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Scape Painting


Scape painting refers to the art of depicting nature in its myriad forms. There are different types of Scape painting:

Types of Scape painting:
  • Skyscape or Cloudscape
  • Moonscapes
  • Seascapes
  • Riverscapes
  • Cityscapes
  • Inscapes


In art Skyscape or Cloudscape refers to the visual representation of clouds, weather forms and other atmospheric conditions. The celebrated works of J.M.W Turner include many highly complex cloudscape. According to the 19th century critics cloudscapes were the precursor of abstract expressionism in art. MoonscapeMoonscapes usually refers to the depiction of landscape of the moon in painting. SeascapesAny painting that depicts the sea may be referred to as seascape.

RiverscapesRiverscape or river landscape portrays the features that can be found alongside a river.


Cityscape usually refers to the depiction of an urban landscape. Any painting that refers to the physical aspect of a city or urban area may be referred to as cityscapes. The history of evolution of cityscapes is an interesting tale which deserves to be mentioned. Historical evolution of cityscapes

It was a common practice in the Middle Ages to use Cityscapes as backgrounds for portraits and Biblical themes. Cityscapes came to be regarded as an independent arena of painting in the 17th century in Netherlands.18th century witnessed the growing popularization of cityscapes in Venice.

Similarly, Suburban and Industrial areas became the popular subject of art among the impressionists in the 19th century.

With the shift of focus on abstract and conceptual art the creation of cityscapes readily declined in the 20th century. However, cityscapes made a comeback with the revival of figurative art at the end of the 20th century.


The word is specifically associated with certain works of Chilean artist Roberto Matta. Different types of art work often employ the word inscape stylishly. However, generally it refers to the notion of representing the artists psyche as a form of interior landscape.

The word scape paintings thus refer to the huge variety of scapes which has their own individual characteristic and artistic grandeur and evoked different meanings and connotations in the world of painting.

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