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Sponge Paintings

Sponge Painting or Sponging is an incredibly quick, easy and versatile form of Faux Painting. It can be easily applied to almost any surface, even particleboard, and mistakes can be most conveniently rectified.

Sponge Painting-The Process

Firstly a comfortably large sponge is taken. Natural sponges are the best option for Sponge Painting; one can suitably texturize an artificial sponge to add texture to the painting. Natural, sea sponges are inexpensive and easily available. They are highly recommended.

Latex based Paints are highly recommended for painting walls. For wood, a slightly thinned, oil based eggshell will be more durable. This technique can also be used on smaller objects, such as furniture and pottery.

The prepared surface is dabbed with a paint soaked sponge. The sponge , of course cant be overloaded with paint. That will hamper the painting.

Three easy steps to a perfect Sponge Painting

  • The sponge has to be dabbed on the wall, working with constant pressure but varying the angle to avoid making clear patterns. Work as close to the corners as possible

  • The first color has to dry before the second color/coat is applied. Ensure that the sponge is clean, and then apply the second color or another shade of the same color.

  • Once the second color has dried, subsequent coats of colors can be added, or a lighter shade of the original. The final color is generally the dominant one.

  • Voila you have got yourself a perfect Sponge Painting

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