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Wood Graining

Wood Graining is a technique used to give an object a wooden look. Woods can be divided into two primary categories. Soft wood which is close grained and has few wood characteristics and hard wood which have decorative grain patterns. Due to a large demand for hard wood veneers artists had to recreate the wood grains using paint. Wood graining can be used on doors furniture or for interior decorations.

Wood graining techniques differ according to the types of wood being recreated. However, the basic rules for wood graining remain the same. Each section of the surface should be glazed separately using special brushes. A mottler is used to create wood grain patterns on the surface. Wood graining effect is reached by applying alkyled primers and lacquer or varnish finishes. Various coats of paints are applied to get the final look. Wood graining media are available in water or oil bases. The glazing medium is thinned and tinted to resemble the color of the wood surface being recreated by wood graining. The viscosity of the glaze used should be translucent and thin enough to be easily modified by the artist. An expert can create a reproduction of any species of wood. Metallic glazes give antique finishes which are ideal for cabinetry. Skillfully done wood graining can easily fool people into thinking that they are looking at real wooden objects.

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