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Abstract Acrylic Paintings

Abstract acrylic paintings are a special form of abstract painting that are created by acrylic paints used on canvas.

Hal Fielding

Hal Fielding specializes in non-objective abstract art painted with acrylic. He lives and works in Santa Fe, in the United States of America. On his website,, he says that he paints using brushes, putty knives, sticks, rags, pallet knives and other tools. Some of his important works are Expressive Illusion, Out of the Blue, Intimate Moment, Beyond Tomorrow, Arena of the Gods.

Some popular artists of this type of painting are:
  • Hal Fielding
  • Angela Tunner
  • Lynne Taetzsch
  • Tina Mammoser

Angela Tunner

Angela Tunner is a Canadian artist who has been exhibiting and selling her work since 1983. She started with landscapes, stills in oil and pastel sketches. In the 1990ís, she shifted to acrylic. Some of her abstract acrylic paintings are: Awakening, Finesse, Majestic, Adore, Glamorous.

Lynne Taetzsch

Lynne Taetzsch was born in New Jersey. Even as a child, she was very interested in art. Since 2000, she has been painting at her studio in Ithaca, New York. Taetzsch has exhibited her work all over the world. Her paintings are bright and lively. She says she prefers using acrylic because it dries fast. And as she paints in layers, this is very important. She draws inspiration from the pains and passions of life. Some of her works are Mania, Not So Square, Land Work, Dreams at Dawn and Fish Pond.

Tina Mammoser

This painter of abstract acrylic art was born in Chicago. Later, she immigrated to London. Here she works from her studio. Her works are mainly abstract acrylic paintings of landscapes involving water. Some of these paintings are Sea Wall, near Margate, Coldharbour and Horizon.

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