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Constructivism does not describe a specific movement it is rather a trend within the fields of painting, sculpture and especially closely conjoined artists and their art and their attitude towards their art.. Constructivism relies on the idea of “observation and scientific study”. It says that people construct their own understanding and knowledge of the world, through experiencing things and reflecting on those experiences. When we encounter something new, we have to reconcile it with our previous ideas and experience, maybe changing what we believe, or maybe discarding the new information as irrelevant. In any case, we are active creators of our own knowledge. To do this, we must ask questions, explore, and assess what we know.

Origin of Constructivism

Constructivism was born in Russia in 1913 when the Russian sculptor Vladimir Tatlin, during his journey to Paris, discovered the works of Braque and Picasso. When Tatlin was back in Russia, he began producing sculptured out of assemblages, but he abandoned any reference to precise subjects or themes. Those works marked the appearance of Constructivism.

Constructivism as a Painting style

Constructive Paintings were optimistic, non-representational relief construction.. The artists did not believe in abstract ideas, rather they tried to link art with concrete and tangible ideas. They wanted to renew the idea that the core idea of any of artwork does not revolve around "fine art", but rather emphasized that the most priceless artwork can often be discovered in the nuances of normal everyday life and through portraying man as a mechanized organism.

The main proponents of Constructivism were
  • Alexander Rodcheckno
  • Liubov Popava
  • Vladimir Tatlin
  • Olga rozanova
Constructivism was primarily an invention of the Russian avant-garde that found admirers across the world.

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