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Decorative Paintings

Decorative Painting is the easiest way to beautify our houses. It is an ingenious art form where surfaces like walls are used to the best possible effect. It is a systematic art form, which engages our creative impulses very effectively.

The act of decorative Painting on walls can be traced back to prehistoric times. For ages human beings have tried to make his surrounding aesthetically pleasing, and Decorative Paintings addresses that very impulse.

Some of the most important styles of decorative paintings are as follows:

  • Wall Frescos- Here the walls are painted when the plaster on the wall is still wet therefore the colors intermingles permanently with the plaster and is permanent.

  • Warli Paintings- Warli Paintings are beautiful Decorative Paintings of the Warli tribes of Maharashtra (India). The philosophy of a way of life, especially those of tribal societies, is best depicted through colorful images. Trees, birds, men and women collaborate to create a composite whole in Tribal Paintings, and the paintings of the Warli tribe of Maharashtra are the most joyous celebration of that very philosophy.

    Commissioned Decorative Paintings

    Fashionable modern houses nowadays have custom-made wall murals. All decorative paintings and wall art are painted on a prepared wall or surface with acrylic or interior water based paints. The artwork are mostly designed and developed with customer input to enhance the décor, colors, and layout.

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