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Dry Brush

Dry Brush refers to a watercolor painting technique in which a little bit of paint is put on a dry brush. When applied it produces a scratchy effect. In Dry Brush most of the liquid is taken out of the brush to produce a soft feathery kind of effect. The technique is used to create a variety of textured surfaces such as foliage, bark, stone, clouds etc. In Dry Brush painting the brush is just dipped in water and using a paper towel most of the paint is removed from the brush.

Dry Brush Painting Techniques

The following techniques can be employed in Dry Brush painting.
  • The Brush should be moved rapidly across the paper
  • The paint must be damp
  • The brush should be barely filled with paint
  • To make the color go faster in sideways very light touch should be employed.
  • Dry Brush technique utilizes no water or medium other than paint to wet the brush.

Famous Dry Brush Painters

  • Ludek Pesek
    Ludek Pesek was a space artist for National Geographic magazine renowned for his dry brush technique.
  • Andrew Wyeth
    Andrew Wyeth is a famous dry brush painter who employed the dry brush technique when he delved deep into a subject. According to Andrew Wyeth's curator Mary Landa 'in some situations he used a special prepared brush with a tip which consists of down to one sable hair.'

Features of Dry Brush Painting

Dry Brush techniques are mostly employed while painting portraits. It requires great skill to employ the technique of dry brush painting effectively. When applied over a wet paint or pastel it can create very smooth passages.

Dry Brush painting technique occupies a special space amongst the different techniques of painting as it helps to depict the psychological characteristics of a person in great details.

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