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Street Painting

Street art refers to those modes of expression, which is not exclusive to e walls of posh Art Galleries and Museum. They stand for true liberalization of art and are populist rather than elitist in nature.


Graffiti is a deliberate application of a media made by humans on any surface, both private and public.

Graffiti has existed at least since the days of ancient civilizations such as classical Greece and the Roman Empire. The inscriptions of this order traced by pilgrims, between the fourth and ninth centuries, on the walls of the galleries, proved invaluable to De Rossi and later archaeologists in their explorations of the Roman catacombs.

Its roots are to be found in the late 1960’s French Student revolution. The cryptic phrases sprayed on walls were the perfect medium for this revolt. Slogans like “Demand the Impossible” or “Imagination is the seizing Power” inverted conventional logic: they made complex ideas suddenly seem very simple.

In the lates 70s and 80s a a new wave of creativity overtook the graffiti scene. Young intellectuals began actively using grafifiti as a creative medium. Graffiti quickly became a social scene. Friends often form crews of vandals.

Street Painting

Classical figures and stories, richly portrayed in handmade pastels, rise from the pavement to delight and astonish, this is the magic of Street Painting. Street Painters screate images on sidewalks or public squares using colored chalk. Many of them are poor vagabonds who earn their living through the donations made by passserbys.they are a common sight on the roads of bustling metropolises of India.After the holiday or festival, or with the first rain, both the painting and the painter vanish.

However Western Street painting is more organised and sophisticated than their Indian counterparts. The western street painters use high quality commercial and handmade pastels, experimenting with gold leaf, silver paint, colored sand and glass, even birdseed. Subject matter is also varied. They copy the Old Masters- Rembrandt, Michelangelo and Raphael, among others or make like like copies of modern day Popular icons. The broader subject range are popular, and as the artists work their baskets are filled with coins.

Nowadays Street painting has been recognized by many quarters as a novel art form. They are a part of organized festival events , and an unsanctioned expression in many parts of the world.

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