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Tribal Face Painting

Tribal Face Painting has been used for many other reasons- for hunting, religious reasons, and military reasons (mainly as a method of camouflaging). The reason tribes use Face Art to transform themselves may be varied –sometimes they choose to do so as a part of a ritual or at other times they do so to mark their status (as is the case with some aboriginal tribes), but the vibrant language of the Tribal Art remains the same.

Raw materials used for Tribal Face Painting

Tribal Societies, who still follow the ancient custom of face painting, choose the colors according to the available raw materials. In ancient times, only primary and locally available colors like red, blue, yellow or white were used. Sometimes by sprinkling dust or soft bird feathers, special effects were achieved. Nowadays most tribesmen choose to use branded face paints.

Native American Face Painting

Face painting is considered to be an important tradition among the Native Americans. It is much more than just a beautifying practice. It’s a sacred social act of distinction and a cultural heritage. On special occasions faces are faces of the tribe members are painted to augment one’s appearance and power. Each tribe of the Indians has its own and unique way of face painting.

Aboriginal Face Painting

Aborigines who inhabit central Australia have inherited specific face painting designs from their ancestors. These designs are painted onto the face and body using ground ochre mixed with water. They are applied either in stripes or circles. Even the modern paintings of the Central and Western Desert are characterized by these specific designs. It seems the aboriginal tribes have devised an entirely new language of painting, using cryptic symbols for different things.

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