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Marriage Celebrations

This is a Saura painting, executed on cloth by the tribal people of the same name, from the state of Orissa. The painting depicts the essential joy and happiness associated with the ceremony of Indian tribal marriages. The frenzied magic of nuptial celebrations spread in music and dance and charms the whole society. At the bottom-right corner, we can see a palanquin indicating the passage of the bride from her maternal home to her husbandís place.

Festivities abound in music, drums and euphoric dance. The postures of the figures indicate motion and vibrancy. Even the animals are a part of this marriage celebration. Complementing dance and music, is the lure of feast. There comes the neighborhood peddler with all his delicacies. The two small huts at the top corners make the passage of the bride from one house to the other evident. The amorous gaze of the animals standing in front is indicative of the love and passion involved in the act of marriage. Use of natural colors and basic shapes are the characteristic specialties of this painting.

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