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Blessings of Balaji-Patachitra


Etched skillfully on the palm leaf canvas is the portrait of Lord Venkateswar Swami Balaji. This handmade painting on stitched palm leaves is a unique illustration of the exquisite folk art of Talapatachitra. Following the traditional religious themes of the School of Patachitra, this painting, too, dwells on an Indian Deity and uses colors and artistry aptly. Lord Venkateswar is the presiding deity of Tirumala Hills in Andhra Pradesh, India. He is one of the manifestations of Lord Vishnu, the second God of the Hindu Trinity. The legend pertaining to the manifestation of Lord Venkateshwar can be found in various Puranas; Venkatachala Mahatmya and the Varaha Purana being of particular interest. The soothing and elegant use of colors and detailed delineation of the divine figure is noteworthy. Abundant use of the golden yellow adds to the richness and dignity of the image.

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