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Women at the well

The folk art of Madhubani paintings is an exclusive regime of the women of Madhubani and its adjacent areas in Bihar, India. Having originated out of the humble domestic rituals and everyday life of women, this art has become a window to the otherwise curtained feminine world. This painting portrays a regular activity of rural India… ‘Women at the Well’. Feminine figure profiles in monochrome are seen drawing water from the village well. This is not only a daily household duty for them, but also a point of respite. Gossiping and giggling women share moments of intimacy with one another.

Trees, leaves, squirrels, birds and women are all part of the same nature. Succulent fruits hanging from the tree indicate fertility and procreation. The plump women figures have been adorned with ornate jewelry and patterned clothing. The general atmosphere of amity, joy and feminine grace has been enhanced by the use of yellow as the background color. The painting has a linear border with images of butterflies, flowers, fishes and leaves, symbolizing love, passion, fertility and youth. The bright red background of the external border animates the spirit of passion and joy.

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