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Wedding Fanfare-Patachitra

Patachitra Painting

This handmade Patachitra painting shows a joyous marriage celebration. The use of natural colors derived from vegetable dyes is the notable feature of this style of painting. The golden border around the panel accentuates the aesthetic appeal of the painting. The five-paneled cloth painting illustrates in detail the moods of the wedding fanfare.

The first panel features gracious hosts welcoming the marriage party with the beats of the drum, and the merry blows of the trumpet. The brilliant strokes in the second panel depicting the amusing gigs-‘the strength of the muscles’ and ‘the militaristic acumen of the warriors’ hold one’s attention for their joie de vivre. The middle panel depicting the ‘dance of life’ performed by both the family and friends of the bride and groom, to bless the newly weds is beautifully illustrated. The animals in the amorous mood in the panel further complement the theme of the painting. The theme of revelry is carried to the fourth panel too where men, and women are shown dancing to the beats of music. And, finally the last panel shows both the bride and groom being taken out amidst much fanfare in palanquins.

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