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Raga Kumbha

This enthralling miniature painting personifies Raga Kumbha, one of the eight sons of Sri Raga. Kumbha refers to a pitcher filled with water. In Indian imagination, a filled up pitcher is an auspicious symbol. This painting depicts a young thirsty solider, clad in a yellow choga (garment) and a young woman pulling a pitcher out of the well.

It is based on a folk song about an accidental meeting of a husband and a wife, famous in the Kangra valley. The husband, a soldier by profession, after his marriage to a young girl, goes away on service for several long years. On his return he goes to fetch his wife.

Miniature Painting

He meets a young woman at a well and asks for water. He also praises her beauty and at this she rebukes him sternly and rushes back home. On her arrival at home, her mother asks her to put on her best clothes and ornaments as her husband had come. She puts on the best of her finery and goes to meet her husband. To her amazement, she finds that he is the same person who met her at the well. Guilty of the harsh words she had spoken to him at the well, she attempts reconciliation and soon all misunderstandings are dissolved and they live happily afterwards as a loving couple.

This miniature painting is available in a dimension of 9 x 7 Inches.

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