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Sohni Mahiwal

Sohni Mahiwal is an Indian ethnic glass painting. It celebrates the immortal love story of Sohni and Mahiwal who were united in death. According to Indian legends, Sohni, a beautiful maiden fell in love with Mahiwal, but her family forced her to marry some one else. However, she continued to meet her lover across the river by using her earthen pots to swim. To teach Sohni a lesson, one night her sister in law replaced her earthen pot with an unbaked clay pot.

As usual, Sohni tried to cross the river with her earthen pot, but this time she failed as the unbaked pot got dissolved in the river. Mahiwal jumped into the waters to save his beloved, but both were drowned. This handmade glass painting shows Sohni and Mahiwal hands in hands. Vivid colors are used in this double glass framed painting. It is a part of Harmeen Kaur's exquisite painting studio

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