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Home >> Featured Products >> Buddha Life Story - Red Thangka

Buddha Life Story - Red Thangka

Thangka Painting

This hand painted thangka depicts the entire life story of Gautuma Buddha. In Tibetan Buddhism thangkas are used for meditation and this thangka is a valuable asset for the meditator. The mediator will begin upon the lower right corner and slowly scan over the entire piece reliving the life of Gautuma Buddha in his practice. Along with its ritualistic value, it is also remarkable in its precision and details.

All the historic parts of Buddha's life is depicted visually in the Buddha Life Thangka: Conception, Birth, Education, Life in the royal palace, The Great Departure, Escape, Austerities, Enlightenment, The Subjugation of Mara, Doctrine, Miracles, and Paranirvana. All these stages are shown in the Buddha Life Thangka Painting in great details.

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