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Yantra Thangka

This Yantra Mandala thangka painting depicts the eight-petal lotus within the outer circles. Along with being the traditional symbol of spiritual transcendence and purity, this lotus also represents the sacred Eight-Fold path of Buddhism. As in a Dharma Mandala, the forms of initial syllables are placed on each petal and also at the center of the Yantra Mandala. Right at the center, lies an upward pointing star that stands for the vivacious, expressive, fiery, male energy and a dynamic upward movement. Executed with ground mineral pigments on high quality cotton, this hand painted thangka is not only a spiritual device, but also an object of rare artistic beauty.

Thangka Painting

A yantra is a geometrical composition that reveals a particular energy, which increases, in exact proportion to the abstraction and precision of the diagram. Used together with mantra, or seed sound syllables, each yantra displays the patterns of force heard in the mantra. A Mandala consists of a series of concentric forms representing a passage to the Self. When one follows the pattern of the Yantra and the Mandala and moves towards the center, an enlivening of the spirit and consciousness is experienced. This meditation ultimately culminates into a feeling of oneness with the eternal rhythms of nature and the cosmos.

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