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Tree of Life

This ‘Saura painting’ from Orissa, India, provides us with a glimpse of Indian tribal life. The painting has executed on cloth depicting the vibrancy and core philosophy of rural India. The rhythm of human society is synchronous with the beat and movement of nature and all things natural. This pantheistic belief is the core philosophy on which Tribal India has thrived through ages.

The painting in concern amply portrays this philosophy through a simple yet vivid depiction of tribal life. The painting centers on a tree - ‘The Tree of Life’. While the branches of the tree are home to birds and monkeys, human beings are seen seated in its shade. Happy birds are flying about.

The tree is edged with bold-lined designs and animals are used as a part of that design. At the base of the canvas, we get to see some shades of domestic life. Small clay huts, trees, women with baskets, men rearing cattle and hunting with bow and arrows – it portrays life and livelihood at their basics. The painting is crowned by a sequence of dance – men, animals and instrument are fused together, playing the unequivocal music of life.

Indian Tribal Art

About Tribal Paintings

he tradition of Indian tribal is as old as its trees and rivers and hills and humans. From time immemorial tribal people have expressed themselves through the medium of painting. Images have been sketched on pots and pans, on walls of village houses, on dried leaves and later on clothes and paper. Executed in almost all possible ways, painting has been an integral part of Indian civilization. Evolving out of the cave paintings of prehistoric period, tribal Painting continues to be a living tradition. Contemporary society has

unearthed this immense treasure of tribal paintings that was shrouded in anonymity and neglect. Warli paintings, Saura paintings and other forms of tribal art are internationally acclaimed possessions today.

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