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Academy of Fine Arts of Finland

The Academy of Fine Arts of Finland is one of the best art training institutes in the country. It is situated in Helsinki and has facilities for theoretical and practical training at university levels.

Background of the Academy of Fine Arts:

The Academy of Fine Arts, Finland was founded by a private foundation in 1848. The status of the academy was raised to the university level from the start of 1993. The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree takes three to five years to be completed. It takes two more years to complete the Masterís degree. The Academy of Fine Arts in Finland is a member of the international community of academic education in arts. The academy aims to promote research in fine arts and provide wide artistic training, keeping in mind the changing trends in contemporary art. The number of students during 2006- 2007 was 260. The teachers at the academy are all reputed artists. Thirteen of them are full time and fifty teachers and lecturers work on an hourly basis. The academy invites foreign artists annually for meeting the students.

Programs at the Academy of Fine Arts:
The Academy of Fine Arts, Finland offers four degree programs. The programs are in Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking and Time and Space Arts. The academy enrolls students for Master of Fine Arts degrees. Since 1997, the academy started post graduate studies and awarding Doctorate in Fine Arts degrees.
Scholarship and Financial Aids:

The academy offers financial aids to students who show considerable progress in their studies. The financial aid is subject to termination in case a student does not submit the report on time or the report does not satisfy the Board. The students at the academy can also apply for scholarships. Scholarships are granted on basis of international and domestic co-operation development, production of materials for teaching and for special projects. Many students use the scholarship to facilitate study trips abroad.

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