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Academy of Fine Arts in Prague

The academy of Fine Arts in Prague was started in 1799. It is one of the oldest schools of art in the Czech Republic.

History of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague:

During the High Baroque from1709 to 1711 a group of artists in Prague strove to establish a school of art. At that time it was decided to start an art academy in Prague. At the end of the century, the society of Patriotic Friends of Art was established under the atmosphere of art and educational support prevailing at that time. The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague was renamed later. The academy was the first of its kind to gain accreditation as an Institute of Higher Education in 1926.

Departments in the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague:
The Academy of Fine arts in Prague is separated into seven departments of fine arts. The departments are; Department of Painting, Department of Drawing and Printmaking, Department of Sculpture, Interdisciplinary Department, New Media Department, Department of Restoration and Department of Architecture.
Study Programs and Degrees:
The academy offers Masterís degree in Painting, Classical painting techniques, Drawing and Printmaking, Sculpture, Figurative Sculpture and Medals, Interdisciplinary Studies, Conceptual Media, Monumental Art, New Media, Restoration of Paintings and Woodwork, Polychrome Works of Art, Restoration of Sculpture and Architecture. Doctorate Degrees are available for Theory and history of Fine Art and theory of Visual Arts. The study program for Masterís degree is full time and takes six years to be completed. Only the Architectural degree takes three years, provided the student is a graduate of a bachelor degree program or a technical university for architects.
Admission to the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague:

The students applying to the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague need to pass a talent entrance test. Architectural programs require the candidates to have a three year degree from an architectural university or technical university. Applicants for the doctoral programs need to have a masterís degree.

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