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Academy of Fine Arts, Munich

The academy of arts in Munich is known as the Academy of Fine Arts. It was established in 1808 by Maximilian I of Bavaria.

Origin of the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich:

The Academy of Fine Arts was started as the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. In the beginning the Academy of Art was only a drawing school started in 1770. It was later developed into an academy by Maximilian I of Bavaria. The original programs in the academy consisted of painting, graphic arts, sculpture and architecture. The school also functioned as an artist community for supporting and advising the Bavarian court and State. In 1884 the academy moved its premises to the Schwabing area of Munich in a building designed by Gottfried von Neureuther. By the beginning of the twentieth century the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich was considered as one of the best art academies in the world.

Courses in the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich:
The Academy of Fine Arts offers courses on fine arts as well as applied arts. The courses available are Painting and Graphic Arts, Sculpture, Meaning Recognition and Process, Stage Set and Costume Design, Gold work, Ceramics and Glass, Art Education, Interior Design and Research Studies in Artistic Forms and Therapy.
Admission Procedure and Registration:
The Academy of Fine Arts, Munich takes students above eighteen years up to thirty years of age. Admissions are once a year. All students have to sit for an aptitude test. A student is allowed admission on clearing the aptitude test and presenting documents showing completion of practical training and employment period. The studies are conducted in four semesters. Once a student completes four semesters, the academy provides the student with a certificate.

Living in Munich can be quite expensive. Students are allowed to work only during semesters. The money earned during these breaks need to be saved to meet living costs in Munich.

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