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Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

The Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna is a higher educational institute. The academy is a venue for the merging of theory & practice and science & art.

Background of the Academy:

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna was established in 1692. The history of the academy has a close connection with the history of Viennese art. The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna was founded by Peter Strudel, the court painter, who intended the academy to be a private institution. In 1714 Peter Strudel passed away and with his death the academy was closed temporarily. Emperor Karl VI appointed Jacob van Schuppen as the Prefect and Director of the Academy on 20th January 1725.

The academy was renewed as the Imperial and Royal Court Academy for painters, sculptors and architecture (k.k. Hofakademie der Maler, Bildhauer und Baukunst). The prestige of the Academy grew steadily. In 1767 Archduchess Charlotte Karoline and the Archduchess Maria Anna were selected to be the first Honorary Members of the Academy. The organizational structure was subject to more reforms in 1772. All existing art schools were unified under the Academy. In 1872, a statute citing the Academy to be the supreme authority for arts was approved by Emperor Franz Joseph I. On 1st April 1877, a new building for the Academy was inaugurated at the Schillerplatz which remains as its present address. During the years 1907 and 1908 a young artist named Adolf Hitler was refused admission into the Academy. Adolf Hitler blamed the Jewish board members for his failure at getting admission into the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. During the Nazi rule from 1938 to 1945 many of the Jewish staff in the academy were forced to leave. The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna suffered a lot due to the mass eviction.

Departments of study:

The Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna offer courses in the departments of Abstract Art, Conceptual Art, Contextual Painting/Drawing, Drawing and Graphic Techniques, Expanded Artistic Environment, Object Sculpture, Represntational Painting/Drawing, Performative Art, Photography and Visual Arts, Textual Sculpture, Video & Video installation and Visual Arts & Digital Media.

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