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Academy of Fine Arts

Fine Arts are limited to visual forms of art including painting, sculpture, architecture and printmaking. Institutes and academies use the term Fine Arts to specify a traditional outlook on visual arts.

History of Fine Art Academies:

Academies of fine arts are organizations consisting of established artists. The first Academy of Fine Arts was established in 1562 in Florence, Italy. It was started by Giorgio Vasari and called the Accademia del Disegno. Giorgi Vasari coined the term “arti del disegno” which means Fine Arts. The Accademia del Disegno was the model for the Accademia di San Luca founded in Rome a decade or so later. In 1648 the Accademia di San Luca served as the model for the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture in France.

Work and Purpose of an Academy of Fine Arts:

An Academy of Fine Arts dictates highly structured principles and aesthetic guidelines for production of works of fine arts. The work of an Academy of Fine Art is educating artists in order to produce works idealizing classical traditions. The level of perfection found in the classical arts of the 17th century has been set as the standard for future achievements by Fine Art academies. The purpose of any Academy of Fine Art is to identify classicism as the norm in art. As a result of this classification, most of the Academies of Fine Arts are correlated to classicism as a style and ideology.

Academy of Fine Arts in Today’s Society:

In modern society, an Academy of Fine Arts is often the highest authority of arts. A Fine Arts academy judges works of arts according to conventional groups and analyzes them in order of invention proportion, color, composition and expression. Based on the composition, design, color and expression of a work of art, the artist is given grades ranging from “0” to “80”. The Academy also honors outstanding artists with awards and prizes.

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