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Alabama School of Fine Arts

Alabama School of Fine Arts is a famous public high school where there is a provision for students to stay. It is located in Birmingham, Alabama. The school aims to cherish and guide impassioned students and help them to realize and satisfy their creative thirst. The school aims to provide an atmosphere where there is an intermingling of fact and feeling, art and science, risk and reward, school and community. In the Alabama School of Fine Arts, learning is done on the basis of a daily adventure. The core values for students include honesty, respect and punctuality.

Facts about Alabama School of Fine Arts

The Alabama School of Fine Arts began in the year 1968 with grants from Governor Lurleen Wallace to Birmingham arts organizations for some research and after-school instructional activities. After the year 1971, when the school received legislative approval it started expanding in a large form. In 1976, the school started its own non-profit support organization, the ASFA Foundation, in order to procure private sector assistance to support school needs. The Alabama School of Fine Arts offers courses in mainly six fields which are creative writing, dance, mathematics and science, music, theatre arts and visual arts apart from a core academic program. Since ASFA is a public school which is being funded by the Alabama legislature, the students need not pay any tuition fees. However, in case of outstation students, they need to pay tuition fees. Scholarships are also available to help the needy students. In the year 1993, Alabama School of Fine Arts moved into the heart of the Birmingham cultural district.

Admission Procedure

Admissions in Alabama School of Fine Arts are quite competitive. Students who are interested must firstly submit an application for admission with their test scores, essays, transcripts and three recommendations. Then an audition is conducted for their respective departments. For the arts students, audition is done through performance, interview and portfolios. For the science department, audition is conducted through interview and two rounds of test. There are special programs for student support services. Counseling services are also provided to the students of Alabama School of Fine Arts.

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