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Art Academy of Cincinnati

The Art Academy of Cincinnati is a private institution of art and design in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art. It was initially founded as the McMicken School in the year 1869 at the urge of Joseph Longworth. This later became the premier established departments of the University of Cincinnati. In the year 1884, the McMicken School separated and became a part of the Cincinnati Museum Association. In the year 1887, the name of the school changed to Art Academy of Cincinnati. In 1973, the administration of the Art Academy separated from the Art Museum. In 1979, the Art Academy of Cincinnati received the authorization from Ohio Board of Regents to grant the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Very recently, in 2005, the Academy shifted to its present location.


The Art Academy of Cincinnati has four undergraduate programs: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fine Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts with an Emphasis in Art History and an Associate of Science in Graphic Design. The Art Academy of Cincinnati also conducts a Master of Arts in Art Education program during the summer semester. The faculty members consist of professional artist and scholars who are committed to educate conceptually and aesthetically.

The Art Academy of Cincinnati supports the artistic development of students with its strong liberal arts curriculum. The Academy realizes the fact that the best visual effective statements come from those artist whose minds are broad and rich with ideas and have an eye for creation. The students at the Art Academy of Cincinnati are advised to develop a life-time commitment to creativity and learning.

The Art Academy of Cincinnati provides counseling and learning assistance, financial aid for needy students and housing facilities. The over-the Rhine area has many shops, restaurants, galleries and other utility shops. There are several theatrical performances presented at the Ensemble Theater, Music Hall and Memorial Hall. The Pendleton Art Center has the largest amount of studio spaces for the artists.

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