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Art Center College of Design

The Art Center College of Design is a private institution situated in Pasadena, California. It is one of the premier graphic and industrial designing colleges in the world. The Art Center College of Design was founded in the year 1930 by an advertising enthusiast and also an educational visionary, Edward A. “Tink” Adams. The Centre’s original campus was initially situated on West Seventh Street in Los Angeles. By 1940, the number of students and teachers expanded to nearly 500 students. In the year 1949, the Art Center College of Design got the accreditation as a four-year college and in the same year it offered its first bachelor of professional arts degree in industrial design, illustration, photography and advertising. The school logo has an orange circle, known as “Dot” and it has been a part of the school’s identity since its inception. The orange dot has also an interesting past of its own. The Art Center has two campus—Hillside Campus and new South Campus.

Courses and degrees
The Art Center College of Design offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. The undergraduate program has courses on film, fine art media, graphic design, advertising, environmental design, product design, transportation design, photography and imaging and film. The graduate program offers courses like graduate film, graduate art, graduate media design, graduate industrial design and graduate criticism and theory. Apart from these, there are certain public programs and sponsored projects.
The Art Center College of Design has been providing quality education for the past 75 years. The College is committed to social and cultural engagement. The Art Center College of Design provides its students with the tools and skills to bring about necessary changes and try to address the real-world issues. The present curriculum is well-revised and attuned to meet the realities of an ever-changing and increasingly complex world.

The Art Center College of Design’s Office of Career Services organizes various lectures and presentations on career and business related issues from time-to-time. The International Initiatives department promotes the role of designing on local, national and international levels. The Art Center College of Design also provides financial aid to needy students.

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