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Berlin University of the Arts

The Berlin University of the Arts was founded in the year 1975 with the merger of the Berlin State School of Fine Arts and Berlin State School of Music and Performing Arts. These institutions were established in the late seventeenth century. It has four colleges under it which specialize in fine arts, architecture, media and design, music and the performing arts. It is one of the largest music and art schools of Europe and one of the leading universities.

The reform movement of the nineteen sixties remodeled the University as an institute of arts and sciences which offers more than thirty arts and science-related courses. The Berlin University of the Arts was a vocational university till the year 2001.

Courses Offered

The Berlin University of the Arts offers different courses in each of the four colleges. It offers undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate degrees in various artistic fields. Some of the courses are fine art, architecture, industrial designing, visual communication, ancient music, music education, music therapy, contemporary dance, acting, singing, costume designing, cultural journalism and other fields. Certain courses are part of the UDK plus program which is a new combination of courses of study and research institutes for a career-oriented approach.

The main point of consideration at the Berlin University of the Arts is the quality of creative work. The University is self-administrated by the faculty members, students and administrative staff. As a result, the German Research Association approved the establishment of a graduate college at the University in 1998. The teachers and students of Berlin University of the Arts present their work in more than 800 shows annually and these shows are a part of the German calendar. It is a laboratory and forum for arts in Germany. The Berlin University of the Arts promotes the practice and theory of the process of artistic creation.
Student Facilities

The Berlin University of the Arts has an extensive library, cafeteria and computer services for its students. The University also conducts international contests named Max Rostal Competition, Karl Hofer Award and Grand Prix Emanuel Feuermann.

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