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Butera School of Art

The Butera School of Art is located in a large city of Boston. It is a nationally accredited institution which has been training students for the past 85 years. The Butera School of Art mainly deals in the fields of Commercial Art and Sign Painting.

Background of the Butera School of Art

The founder member of the Butera School of Art is Joseph C. Butera. It was established in the year 1932. The major field of training was fine arts. The Sign Painting department however, was established earlier by Charles Wagner in 1910. It was originally established for imparting instruction about sign arts. The school was the pioneer in sign painting training. In the year 1953, the Wagner School of Sign and Commercial Art merged with The Butera School of Art. The two-year curriculum was added to the curriculum of The Butera School of Art. At present, it is the only institution which offers such a comprehensive and extensive training program in the sign painting. The school aims to provide students with a background which has the perfect balance between imaginative and practical abilities. The institution firmly believes that the combination of traditional and digital training in both Commercial Art and Sign Painting would help students to develop their mental faculties.

Admission and Prospects

The admission to The Butera School of Art is quite competitive. All the interested candidates should submit their application forms to the Registrar of the school. Apart from the admission form, two letters of recommendation are required. Every students who applies would have to undergo a round of personal interview with the director of the school. Apart from this, a Financial Aid Interview may also be conducted at that point. The graduates of Commercial Art enter the world of communications as computer artist, graphic designer, book illustrator, assistant art director and as digital production artist. The Sign Painting graduates of The Butera School of Art are also very much in demand in the sign industry.

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